Get 95x at Lifelock via Rakuten ( or 95% off ) – effectively buying Amex points for 1.05c per piece

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Mega Bonus on Lifelock via Rakuten – earn 95x/95%

At the end of 2019, Rakuten created an alliance with American Express which enabled members to earn Membership Rewards in lieu of cashback. For each 1% you see as a cashback you could opt to earn 1x American Express Membership Rewards. As a result, Rakuten has been one of my favorite ways to earn additional American Express Membership Rewards .

The latest deal has to do with cyber security and is featuring LifeLock and it’s very, very good – get 95% off your order or 95x points. Effectively, you’re buying points for about 1.05c a piece. How? Let’s get into it.

How to earn Amex points via Rakuten

If you’re unfamiliar…read this article which lays out how to configure your account.

The main reason I advocate choosing Amex points over cashback is how I value Amex Points. At the very minimum I’d peg a 1.5c valuation on every point. This means you’re getting another 50% bonus on each points you earn, and since I typically redeem my Amex points via transfer partners to fly in business or first class, I regularly get in excess of 3 to 5 cents per point.

That means the points earned on a deal like this one for Lifelock, where you earn between 22k and 44k points, you’re actually getting close $330 to $660 worth of value on the low side. Not a bad deal for $240 and that doesn’t include the value of a year of lifelock coverage…we’re just talking about the points you earn from it.

If you aren’t a Rakuten member…you can get $30 back after spending $30 by using our Referral Link.

This is hands down the best time to sign up for a Rakuten account. We’ve never seen a better offer and it rewards both of us with $40. Cyber high five.

 If you want to max out the deal…buy the Lifelock annual subscription and family plan

This will bill your credit card that full $240. You’ll earn  95x = 22,800 Membership Rewards or 1.05 cents per point. If you alternatively choose monthly billing you’ll only earn the 95x on the first month’s charge which means you lose out on a major opportunity. Each subsequent month would then earn whatever your cc earns.

If you want to REALLY max it out…choose family + 5 kids, but be prepared to enter in all their info ( although anecdotally this may only need to be filled out for 2 people with the option of adding kids down the road ). This would give you a charge of $467.88 netting 44,448 Amex points.

The individual nets out at $240 = 22,800 Amex Points.

Some trouble shooting advice…

A Trick to help with getting an Annual Pricing to populate with 95x if yours won’t work

I’m using the deal I got, which was 90%…so this is why the graphics and earn rate will be different.

When I initially populated the Lifelock deal via Rakuten, it wouldn’t let me go beyond the screen where I filled in my name, address, etc. I tried it 10 times at least. I even tried to go to Norton and populate there, but it would only show monthly subscriptions. It seems like that isn’t a problem anymore, but this is how I circumvented it.

I had the idea to see if I could apply the 90% after I got to the annual billing screen. How do you do that?

The Rakuten plugin for Chrome. I use it on and off, but it’s particularly beneficial in situations like this… It gives you a pop up anytime you visit a site that you could earn cashback/Membershipr Rewards. Or, if you dont’ have it always on, you just click the R and it’ll give you the cashback on the site. It stays populated the entire time you’re on the site until you either select activate or hit activate later. It’s that little “R” icon and the pop up looks like this:

In order to get the 90% to work on the full year subscription I filled out every single piece of information until I got to the screen with billing options. At this point I hit Activate 90% cash back and voila…it did. I got a notification that it had credited as well. Note…this is the rate I got when I did it a few years ago, not the current rate.

What’s the best ever Lifelock offer via Rakuten?

Apparently in 2019 it hit 120x for a day, and every now and then we see 100x.

Usually the earn rate is around 30 to 40x, but I took advantage of this deal in 2020 at the 90%/90x level and the points populated my Rakuten account within a day. I earned a quick 26k Membership rewards – 1.1c per point. I was also able to easily cancel the membership later in the year.

Don’t forget to cancel your LifeLock account when you’re done.

I was able to do this on the site pretty easily without a phonecall.

Recap + thank you for using our referral links. You keep us flying and staying in style!

This deal comes and goes, and if you’re wanting extra Amex points, it’s a quick way to get them cheaply. If you aren’t in need of them…don’t waste your time, and you’ll more than likely have a similar deal later in the year.


 Affiliate link via Card Ratings

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card


The Chase Sapphire Preferred is a great starter card that earns Premium Ultimate Rewards that can be transferred into over a dozen partners many of which are US based. 

Welcome Offer

60k Points after $4k spend in 3 months

Annual Fee


Points Earned

Transferrable Chase Ultimate Rewards

If you carry this card alongside Chase’s cashback cards like the Chase Freedom Flex℠and Chase Freedom Unlimited® or the business versions: Ink Business Cash , Ink Business Unlimited you can combine the points into Preferred account and transfer into hotel and airline partners

Annual fee is quite low at $95 a year + you get a 10% anniversary bonus on points + $50 hotel credit in Chase travel.

  • 3x on dining
    •  including eligible delivery services for takeout
  • 3x on select streaming services
  • 3x on online grocery purchases
    • (excluding Target, Walmart and wholesale clubs)
  • 5x on all travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards – Chase Travel Portal
  • $50 Annual Credit on hotel stays purchased via Ultimate Rewards/Chase Travel
    • The begins immediately for new cardmembers and after your account anniversary for existing cardmembers
  • 10% Anniversary Bonus
    • Every year you keep the card, your total spend will yield a 10% points bonus. If you spend $10k in a year, you’ll get 1k bonus points
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® continues to redeem at 1.25c in the Chase Travel Portal and the slew of other benefits remain in tact including primary rental car insurance, purchase protections, etc.
  • Points are transferrable to 13 Ultimate Rewards partners
  • Redeem in the Chase Travel center for 1.25 cents per point
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Suite of Travel and Purchase Coverage
    • Primary rental car coverage is my favorite

We keep an up to date spreadsheet that lists the best ever offers: You can find that spreadsheet here.

Historically 80k is a very, very good offer and hit in both 2022 and 2023. In 2021, we saw the offer hit an all time high of 100k. Who knows if that will ever come back.

Main Cast: 

Cards that earn flexible points and should be used on the bulk of your purchases.

Supporting Cast:

Cards that earn fixed points in the currency of the airline/hotel and can not be transferred at attractive rates. These cards yield benefits that make it worth keeping, but not necessarily worth putting a lot of your everyday spend on. 


  • tim November 26, 2021

    I just did this earlier this afternoon, and it has been nothing short of a disaster. When I got to the purchase screen the Rakuten 90% dropped to 80%. Not a huge deal, but then when you sign in to the link to activate the software you have to download a lot of Norton software, which instantly caused my computer to grind to a halt. Then I went into my Rakuten account to make sure I was getting credit for this, and neither the 80% or 90% ever tracked. After playing around with the Norton portal I gave up trying to make this work, but when you go to their chat service to cancel you get asked a lot of questions about why you want to cancel, followed up by a message that in order to cancel to have to call the phone number on the website because the chat agent doesn’t have access to customer accounts. But there isn’t a phone number posted listed on the Lifelock website. After three hours spent on trying to make this work I’ve realized that I have truly received what I’ve paid for – NOTHING. And I’ve made a not in my phone for next year’s Black Friday to remember to stay away from Lifelock

    • Miles November 26, 2021

      Ugh I’m so sorry to hear this… this isn’t anything like what I experience, I didn’t need to download anything, etc. You do have 60 days to cancel for a full refund if you want…

  • Carl November 26, 2021

    I purchased the annual but it hasnt posted to my rakuten yet. It has a check mark next to the shopping trip in rakuten but says $0 on the cash back part. Did I mess up?

    • Miles November 26, 2021

      If it doesn’t populate, I would request a refund, you have up to 60 days

  • gavinmac November 26, 2021

    My popup shows as 90% when I go to but when I get to the annual fee billing page and click the desktop Chrome extension it shows 80% activated.

  • Nate November 12, 2020

    Are you able to use it more than once for the same SSN? Or do you need to use it for different SSNs?

    • ktc November 26, 2020

      my question as well, about to run out of house members.

  • Rick March 19, 2020

    Ugh. I tried both the app and your work around, nothing works. On the work around, I was at the annual billing portion, but as soon as I activated the offer through the Rakuten Chrome extension, it took me to the monthly billing option.

  • Deeksha Sharama March 19, 2020

    This blog is very useful and good writting

  • Christian March 18, 2020

    Is this something you have to get rid of a year after purchasing or is it a one time thing?

    • Allen November 12, 2020

      You can get this deal yearly-

    • ND November 26, 2020

      I already have a LifeLock account. Will this work if I cancel the existing subscription and re-subscribe using this deal? Anyone tried this approach?

  • Marc March 18, 2020

    “Best ever” is simply not true. Last year there was a 120% offer for a day or so (.dropping to 89% which reappears frequently).

    • Miles March 18, 2020

      Ahhhh didn’t realize – will update

  • Roops March 2, 2020

    Worked for me by just going through the Rakuten mobile app. My Rakuten account is already reflecting the points earned from the purchase. Great deal! Thanks!

  • Matty Tailwinds March 2, 2020

    has locklife since removed the annual billing option?

    • Miles March 2, 2020

      I’m not sure…it worked for me after using the tip I provided at the end of the article. Good luck!

  • Edward March 2, 2020

    Fingers crossed! Hope it works!

    • Edward March 2, 2020

      Looks like it did post already. Thanks!

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