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  • Jimmy Gartman May 28, 2023

    Hi Zach, I’m flying CLE to DUB next June 2024, just looking for ideas on how to save for business class travel on Aer Lingus. I signed up for their credit card to start earning avios miles. Thanks

  • Steven Appel May 18, 2023

    Can you advise?
    I was just told by Amex that I wouldn’t be receiving the 100,000 Hilton bonus pts. for opening the account. I was told because I have other Amex cards and they have the right to not award the new account bonus pts.

  • Kim Gray May 17, 2023

    I saw a recent sale at British Airways for $561 from SGF to AMS (Missouri to Amsterdam). I called BA to make sure I would be able to use points for this particular sale and was assured I would. I transferred all our Capital One points–121,000+ that we’d accrued over years in preparation for this trip. First of all, evidently $561 was only one leg of the trip, even though I had asked for a round trip quote. The return flight was $686. And $500 per ticket of fees!!

    Went back to the site and tried to book with Avios and no flights available. Tried booking with cash, there is the flight. Tried booking with both Avios and cash, but the value they give for Avios is laughable. Called and explained my situation; they went through the booking process with me and gave me a higher amount than what I was seeing online. Then I asked if she would use my points to book, which saved us $120.

    Now all the points we worked for years to accrue for this trip are now stuck at BA. First, is there anything I can do? (I’ve called and they say they can’t move them.) I’ve tried booking only one ticket for the same flight using Avios, but that flight still doesn’t show. Second, why ever suggest BA when they charge $500 per ticket in fees and severely limit using reward miles?! I am so sad.

  • Larry Marks May 11, 2023

    What was the web site Zachary Burr Abel mentioned on the KTLA 5 today 5-11-2023 add approximately 10:30 am

    • Miles May 11, 2023

      Hmmmmm was it about shopping portals? Could be Cashbackmonitor or Rakuten?

  • Lisa May 6, 2023

    Hello. I’m looking into the Charles Schwab AmEx Platinum to replace my current platinum. The spreadsheet says the offer is 100K points, but the link shows the offer is 80K points. Just FYI.

  • Rigo May 4, 2023

    Can someone help me understand how I can reach Hyatt Globalist status with Hyatt Credit Card and earn free nights? My understanding is that if you have Chase Hyatt Card you’re automatically at Discoverist and you get 5 nights towards status. So since I would be Discoverist = 10 nights and I get the 5 nights by having the credit card, do they add up to a total of 15 qualifying nights toward Globalist? Then if I spend 25K in credit card, earns me an additional 10 qualifying nights (2 for each 5K spent). Plus I actually stay 5 nights at a Hyatt. Does this equate to a grand total of 30 nights for Globalist and give me the 30 night milestone reward of an additional free night?

  • Jeff April 26, 2023

    Do you have to have a chase account to get the chase sapphire preferred card. I have excellent credit.

    • Rigo May 4, 2023

      You do not need a chase bank account to get any chase credit card

  • Brian April 24, 2023

    I currently have an AMEX Platinum but was wondering if there was a recommendation for a 2nd card to pair with it to earn more points on Dining/Supermarkets/Gas. Was thinking of also getting the AMEX Gold but didn’t know if there were any other better cards?

  • Christopher Murphy March 27, 2022

    Hi – I’m interested in the service that you provide,
    securing airline tickets at $500 each.

    Before I commit, is it possible for 3 people
    to travel business/first from San Francisco to Dublin, Ireland and London England round trip and no specific order) with 500,000 Amex points?

  • Rajiv March 11, 2018

    Hey Man, nice website!

  • Ha D Ngo July 12, 2017

    I was traveling out of the country and just missed the application for 70,000 bonus miles which expires 6/26/17
    Is there still time to apply for it?

    • Miles July 12, 2017

      Ha D Ngo – They extended it for some accounts and it may be worth calling in and telling them why you didn’t apply before the offer ended. Sometimes they will match an expired offer – good luck!

  • Gustavo June 18, 2017

    My question in actually how to start getting the credit cards if you are on a Wage?
    I am Sapphire Gold Member frequent Flyer from Qantas but it is because I spent a lot of money flying once a year to South america in business class return to Sydney were I live and then i do another return flight usually in business as well to any other part of the world in Australian winter to find some sun. I work in hotels but I started to travel business class when I was 12, dad used to pay for it and all that, now that I am 27 i do it with my money but as I said before, I am on a wage of 40.000 a year so can”t get The platinum Amex or any Chase Infinity card from any bank.
    A few tips would help!

    • Miles June 18, 2017

      Hey Gustavo – You should hit up Zac at – he’s based out of Oz and has a much better grasp on the credit card situation in Australia than I do…If you were here in the States I could help you out, but Zac would be much better for you in this case. Thanks for reading, we appreciate it!

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